Humans are born with a diversity of DNA from one another, differences exist since we were born. Even between family members, we are always filled with differences of opinion. Then what is the meaning of diversity? Whether diversity is up for debate? Does an apple that is not red make it less taste like an apple? Do apples have to be red and they will taste sweet?

The answer is no.

It can be said that religion is very crucial for some people and not for others. Some people would say that is necessary or unnecessary in this world. Many people were born without any religious teachings when they were little.

Every part of the world has a different perspective and tradition from other regions in the world. Some are born with the knowledge of religion, some are grown in non-religious families, some are grown up and do not even know anything about the existence of God. Not all have the same opportunities as other people.

In other parts of the world, maybe at this time there are children who have to survive and have no chance to think about anything else. So, we cannot equate it. The system in this world is very full of mystery. As we have lived and walked until this moment, future events are so unclear because life is full of surprises.

This concept is the image that differences can never be separated from our lives. Every second people are born and every second they die. Every day, week, month and year passed. And none of us can imagine how chaotic the situation in this world now.

Belief (Religion) that arises is now considered to be a routine. Why is religion now become an identity? Why should be born with religious status? If you think about it, we have always been taught since childhood about the importance of worship and various teachings and prohibitions in the religious beliefs that we profess, but we even unconsciously forget simple things like how to respect our fellow humans.

Buddhism, Hindhuism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Confucianism, names of religions that are familiar to our ears. However, what we do not realize, more than that there are still many groups of people who build and create the teachings of their own religion  and that's totally fine. There is nothing to debate.

The world continues as usual. The second count will not run faster than before. The beliefs of those who are different from us do not hurt us. The presence or absence of those, people who have religious differences with us, will not make the amount of rice in your sack will be reduced to one grain. Why you should be angry and disappointed with them?

People will be cheered, praised here and there just for respecting religious differences and tolerance. Is that necessary? Common things that we should have done long ago, natural things like that are nothing special. Appreciating the difference you really have to do. An Ustadz who helped the priest when the priest fell to the ground. People will say "Wow". In this world even a fish that can swim can get praise because they can swim. Isn't it strange if someone gives applause to a fish that can swim?

If tolerance needs to be taught, it needs to be questioned again, what has been happening in our society. Not only limited to religious tolerance. Gender equality and skin color we also need to get used to in everyday life.

This might sound strange in my predominantly Muslim environment if I myself support and respect the LGBT+ community. However, in this crazy world, I think it's not strange when people with common sense are treated like mutants.

In this world, where eyes have been closed, people whose eyes are open, they have now been blinded, isn't that strange?

Those who want peace, and those who always want to fight. In the end, they remain on each other's thoughts and beliefs, isn't that strange?

Humans are wise creatures, books said, but isn't it all this time that we've always seen, humans are selfish creatures and easy to regret? Yes, including myself. However, all can change, so can you. Nothing lasts forever in this world. So that people need to change their perspective on understanding differences.