Juminten knew that the chemistry chain was an addiction. It had come painfully once fulfilled. Life was cheaper than European cars. 

“It doesn't matter what I do. I'm not a fool! I'm breaking all the rules. And I know what to do!” Juminten hit the mirror that more than an hour accompanied her. 

She closed her eyes and exhaled deeply in her cheap chair. Her step dad is about in it. Haunted as a horror movie, tried to play together. 

Another side of her silhouette, her mom coming back home earlier and catches them. She was kicked by a scene of staying in that room. Truly,  watching her sweet girl cum for her new husband.

At only teen age, Juminten held a maturity of desperate attempts. Miles to the West, her God still respected her. Although her curvy cutie is getting fed up with her annoying step dad.

Her spiritual inquiry was strong. Her realm of religion was still illuminated. Every time her stepdad played a prank on her. 

It is about fucking views of legal relationship between teacher and student. Her dad told her that the subject of science or religion essences should be transferred in the right way. Another his crazy interpretation. 

It means that when there is a teaching session the teacher and the student must be in a legal relationship. 

Stepdaughter and stepfather were forbidden in touch and eyes contact except by marriage relationship. The stepdad especially never touched his wife. 

“Jum!” her mother shouted through the doors. Silence. Jum was mutted.In her mind, she began to hear the joyful weirdo sound, “Ahad, Ahad, Ahad……..!

“Juuuuuum!” Once again, a very big and long sound shouted and scrapped the air.

“Yes, Mom! a weak sound as reply.  She just keeps her holy tasbih firing as a bullet in mind. Her spiritual beliefs are blinked deeply in her bloodshed.

Her mom takes his side! Her husband who tried to become ustaz.  Full respects and high level obeying force. 

This time, she hides a dildo under her pillow just to freak her holes. A modern socialite mom with a hidden a broad and sharp MILF group online chit chat. She is afraid of her husband. 

“Is it a dark religion?” Juminten murmuring herself.

His step father said, “Religion is very strict!”

“What does it mean? Dad?” Juminten asked while scanning down her holy tasbih.

Juminten wasn't confused by maintaining good values relating to the relationship with God and her friends, especially boyfriends. 

She knew that religion maintains humanitarian values so that no one is abused by one person from another, others feel that their rights are being robbed of by others.

Religion law that has been arranged solely for the benefit of humans. The rules of marriage and the prohibition of adultery is one form of religious rules.

This mission is to protect offspring between humans so that they are well preserved. Not only clashing with each other but also in unclear directions. 

So, there is a striking difference between which humans and which animals do not understand. But, how about the relationship between stepchildren and their stepparent is a delicate one; especially between a step-daughter and her stepfather. 

The reason is usually that technically he is not her father and is in no way related to her, but he automatically assumes the position of a father figure. 

How close should they really be? Stepfather or step dad like father and daughter, or simply no form of closeness or contact whatsoever.

It depends on what kind of person the stepfather is? Really?

How about if he is a trusted person and all? Then he is just meant to be like her father and so they should be pretty close. 

If not? She should know her limits as some men are animals and should not be trusted around females. It seems to be structured around dramatic segments with interviews interspersed in which a depiction of a retro-weirdo. 

Tonight, however, the rays of the light in the romantic way. More dramatic with the shade of red curtains. 

With reflection of nude metal sculpture on the table and fragrant odor,  her step father nodded again as big wolves. No wonder this room inspires love conspiracy theory. 

There is no God in that room. Just dominated by horribly emaciated traditional pagans. He always pretends to be a hottie and  good girl. Recontouring with many blast pareidolia photos on the internet. He is in major jeopardy. 

The old man supervises while she sucks and slobbers herself. He taught her how it must be done…..

Then, unsin Juminten mounts his Adam’s asset and goes for an orgasmic. Many riding that makes her back arch and her Eve’s caliber tingle! 

Finally, chilled out after this mess. She is willing to do anything to save face, so she lets him hold her in mid air as she gobbles his throbbing boner.

A couple of the sheets and screams as he pounds her from behind. Finally, a steamy cum facial seals the deal. Now, the very nasty side will remain a secret…

She always loved her stepdad, so when she hears that he and her mom are on the verge of breaking up, she is distraught! To make everything better.

Sometimes she bends over at the dinner table and squeals as the pissed off patriarch lays pipe in her drenched twat. The sizzling penetration only gets more intense. What a nice family!

“Obviously, I can’t marry her,” Her dad said quietly after many rounds. 

In his mind, love comes in all colors, sizes, nationalities and gender. No matter what her past was, no matter what she had done…….

Does not matter who you love, as long as you are respectful, loving, caring, honest, kind and faithful. Love the one you are with and be happy, and live your life to the fullest. Oh, shit!

“Forbidden Love!” shout another sound from deep inside. They still murmur on the shit of socks. Her intimate knowledge of him was the matter. 

Juminten boldly and confidently said, "This matter is not my fault!”

Forbidden love is what they call when they look at us. No matter what she does, it's never gonna be good enough. 

“You'd understand if you could!” Juminten tried defends herself.

Juminten thought that money is matter. Who cares what her mom and boyfriend will say, another stimulus. 

“Forbidden love because they are from different bloodlines?” another creepy chit mounted hardly. 

Here, the hell only thing that matters is their love, she loves him. But all of this that she gave to him was worth more than money. Because it is truly love…….