Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Take a look! How sad:

Yourself! Oh how long has it been?

How long have you been hiding sadness

In front of the world theater, behind the fake masks ha ha ha

Hold on to literature! They will sow the flowers of meaning

Or just hug Dionysus:

He is full of rain, but at least he is loyal

And be friends with the rain, so that you can give thanks for the holy heat

Oh I told you, don't miss Apollo:

He will make you complacent, and fake

Forget the Syphilis and Aletheia, you better dance with Solfeggio!

Rather than slowly sinking to death, in the depths of your tears

You need to know, something that doesn't kill you:

Contains a soul, completely invincible!

And something that kills you:

Inviting the body, if time is reborn!

Now, melt tragedy!

With Amorfati, until you become superhuman!

Calamitous transfiguration, tough, to be exact as you still dream

And live like Zarathustra, oh Ubermensch, honest dynamite like a loving ideology

Søren Aabye Kierkegaard

Before the city of Copenhagen is no longer happy:

The Frederick V statue is no longer a horse!

Monde's cake is butterless, the white Daisy flower in my heart is turning blue!

And my melancholy proposes to danger with a sad dowry

I want to marry you, my lovely Regine Olsen!

But I, shortly after you received my engagement ring:

I even took off the wound, before I really got together!

When I leave you with dreams of getting old together, until the time is swallowed up!

I don't know, I don't know, at that time my soul's sadness overcame:

I'm afraid that the feeling that I give is not comparable to that which you give!

Oh dear, how hopeless my life is without you must also be admitted:

While understanding the past, don't forget to live the future and the future

My faith may not be as strong as Abraham, when he sacrificed his son

But my immunity is as tough as humans, who no longer live with a feeling of missing

I am Kierkegaard! Father of existentialism throughout the world!

With Graphomania after sorrow, I hope you're proud of me

Let me spend my whole life on philosophy and theology

If you want to get married, marry someone you love

Let me marry my knowledge with time until I fulfill it

If you want to remember me, remember me until we meet again in the same Garden of Eden

Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre

Less than a century:

After Napoleon Bonaparte died

After the Eiffel Tower was completed, and Louis Vuitton was like a barjad crystal

Shortly before the Parisians were infected with Hedonism, typical of contemporary realities and then Nausea

I was born, living in a world that feels like hell

The rest? Is history, writing me in gold ink

Oh I said, existence precedes its essence

Hell? Is another human being, feels like an oppressive prejudice

Don't you realize? That there is no way out of all prejudice

We are cursed creatures! Cursed to be free!

I thought, living with humans is not that different:

By living with the Guillotine, ready to chop off rock heads free!

And I don't care about Nobel, and all that bullshit!

The hell with all human bitters, lowest points, or stretches of destiny

I only care, for an otter who drives Feminism in Europe

That lady, oh that lady! What an impact on my heart, she is Beauvoir!

Making my philosophy even more alive: To the extent that, my En Soi fell in love with her Pour Soi!

And flies, Electra, Orestes from ancient Greece had enough

Ah it turns out! What I did not find in Existentialism, I found in her

Simone Lucie Ernestine Marie Bertrand de Beauvoir

I have heard my name:

Pronounced Francais style in a joking tone

Ah Sartre, why do you call me the beaver, ambiguous!

But never mind, as long as I wrote The Second Sex, you keep reading

Now, will you agree with my thoughts?

That Patriarchal society is very annoying:

For my utopia, and even the fate of equality is shackled!

And I don't wanna be second-rate, begging for mercy?

I am a woman, who will fight for equality:

What Misogynists and Masculinity worshipers have snatched away

Oh how rancid they are to confine freedom

True, freedom and equality must be fought hard for!

I want to be free, live without gender segregation, in short, be independent

We really need to realize together:

That women, there is not for under men!

We are all equal, equal, caught up in Ambiguity and Ethics

But before I die turning blue:

I want to go to Bordeaux with Sartre

Without Merlot, Champagne, especially until Nausea hunts

Just, just Sartre, before he and I end up in Montparnasse

Albert Camus

Ah shit, without having time to ask, let alone refuse:

I was born! To this absurd world

I am Camus, the rebel!

Oh I am the Absurd Camus, the anomaly!

Hold on, do I sound foreign?

Hell, I don't care about name and popularity hustle and bustle

To me, we are all strangers to each of us

No need to pretend, all of us, in fact, are part of the Absurdity

Look, my friend oh look at this:

The chaos of existence has become an eternal pestilence!

Where is the essence? Maybe dead hanged himself

The rest? Philosophical suicide at something that offers promise

But Sisyphus and I are not cowards:

We will not run away from ideology, science, let alone religion

Hope? No need, let me punch the sour reality in the face!

I told you, a meaningless life doesn't mean unhappy

Oh how I adore good food, beaches and sunshine!

And football, women, kissing to dancing

Really, should I kill myself?

Or Euthanasia, or live and drink a few cups of coffee?

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (Again)

Ha ha ha! Sorry Aldy, I got into you again

There are a few things I need to tell them:

Why am I so smart?

Why am I so wise?

Oh look, how Ascended I am

And how Decadent they all are!

Ah, I want to explode like pure dynamite:

After the birth of tragedy and idolatry!

Exciting science, those that annoy:

O devotees of the Idée Fixe, and dwarfs of God!

Let me introduce myself, I'm Friedrich Nietzsche

A troublemaker, a prophet of the coming of Nihilism

Before Brutum came before Fati:


Prepare strong teeth and anti-stinging stomach!

Chew on reality, digest the Brutum Fati with Amor, blow!

One more thing, Gnothi Seauton, be authentic:

O foolish Übermensch candidate, don't follow me

Be yourself, live solitary and Prolific!

This reality is shit, people are already who they are and no one wants to be you