There is a religion that was rarely known by people. The fun fact is, everyone used, and loved, to do its basic teaching, whenever they don’t really know where these teachings came from. Some only know it as teaching that came from China, but they don’t know specifically who created those teachings. 

It's like how people may know one of the religion’s famous basic teaching, which is called Yin and Yang, a teaching that emphasizes balance on everything in this world. Well, so many people know this teaching when they take the Kung Fu lesson, but they don’t know where this teaching came from.   

Many people also loved to advise one of this religion’s basic teaching, which is “Relax, and let every problem that you have flowed like a river”, but they never know whoever advise it for the first time, or who find that teaching for the first time.  

Maybe some of the readers started to get confused or started to ask, "Who made all of those beliefs and teaching?” Before the reader gets confused by all this question, let’s have a deeper understanding of this type of religion and started to know where all this teaching came from.  

So, the religion that made every belief that you just read is called Taoism, and it’s one of the biggest Chinese Religions that ever existed in China. Without realizing the ‘root’ of this religion, this religion has invaded every people, around the world, through its basic teachings and beliefs.   

This religion is based on a book called Tao Te Ching (which means “The Way of The World”). This book has compiled sometime between 3rd century and 4th century B.C.E. This book mainly teaches about essential guide to living a full spiritual and ethical life.   

The religion is also based on a book called Zhuang Tzu. This book is published after Tao Te Ching is published. The publisher of the book is called Zhuang Tzu. This book mainly teaches about Chi and earlier key concepts of Taoism. This book was mainly influenced by an older book called Nei Yeh.  

The ultimate goal of Taoism is to understand reality and learn how to live in harmony with it. To achieve those goals, Taoists have two basic teachings that they should do. What are those basic teachings?   

The first one is called Wu Wei. Wu Wei mainly tells us that we shouldn’t get rushed when we want to deal with problems in life, just like how nature became peaceful when many things happen in the universe.  This is the main teaching that everyone tells to a problematic type of person. 

Some people misinterpret this teaching by thinking if people should not do anything and be lazy so we could understand The Way (or reality). However, the real point of this teaching is that we should force our desires too much when we want to put our decision.  

The second one is called Yin and Yang. This teaching tells us that we should make everything in this world stay balanced, and never change it, so the world will work perfectly. When the world doesn’t get balanced, we’ll get catastrophe in this world instead. People generally know this teaching.  

Now, what the reader should learn about this religion is that the reader should start to relax so that the reader could solve every problem that the reader has. Because that’s the main point of being a Taoist. Just assure oneself that everything will be fine, and it will going to be fine.   

When the writer started to do it, personally, the writer started to find solutions for every problem that the writer has encountered these days, and it also makes the writer felt that the writer just lived a better life. This means that one could live happier if one could start to relax.  

This could also mean that this teaching can affect the mental health of everyone that does this teaching. Without those people realize, they just started to reduce the level of anxiety if they stayed peaceful when facing everything.  

This also means that Taoism should start to spread around the world so that everyone could live in joy and peace, while starts to align their way of life to nature. This religion could be the healing of mental illness that the world continuously faced. 

Now, are you ready to understand Tao and live a happier life?