Indonesian society has serious problems in terms of connections between the Blasphemous issue and Manufacturing Offensive through hate spin.

The crucial point here is the beginning of violence through hate triggered. In this regard, the illustration about conflict escalation caused by hate spin and politicization potentially to be mobilized by certain parties.

The twisting of hatred, incitement, and escalation of rumors is nothing more than a threat to people’s reputation for dealing with hatred afterwards thus emerging conflict and violence in the public arena.

This is inseparable from the escalation of rumors of someone's insult accompanied by hoaxes to attract scapegoats to a matter of political engineering.

The important role of the scapegoat also determines where the position of the main actors in conflict based on the issues that they bring. The involvement of scapegoats as an answer ignoring conflict between actors and finding a middle ground for peace.

Even so, it is a weapon for the cause of violence and increase the escalation of conflict amid the swift news, rumors and imitation activities. In addition to the spread of rumors and hate spin, the conflicts that occur are usually based on imitation which often causes someone to desire reaching beyond their capabilities (Girard, 2011).

Consequently, the basic human nature which called as evil encourage the mimetic rivalry that works as indicating scapegoats who has the potential to escalate conflict.

Staub also emphasized that evil comes from a religious terminology and he focused on the explanation about human achievement on social conditions, culture, personality, and basic human needs (Staub, 1999).

Basically, the transformation of conflict into violence is a frustrating situation that encourages the unsatisfied feeling. This frustration becomes a trigger for conflict over hatred into violence. Therefore, the violence caused by hatred is the result of politicization or mobilization of certain parties as a deliberate continuation of a certain level of conflict.

Related to the definition of conflict and violence, they have differences in implementation. De Dreu explained that an inappropriate interest or aspiration would cause conflict, besides that an incompatible behavior also showed an imbalance in something behind human desires.

The emergence of conflict is balanced with an irrational attitude because it prioritizes human passion (De Dreu, 2010). Whereas Fisher et al, distinguish between conflict and violence based on mutual relations between the two.

Conflict is the relationship between individuals and groups who have or feel they have goals that are not in line. Violence includes actions, words, attitudes, various structures or systems that cause physical, mental, social or environmental damage, and prevents a person from reaching his full potential (Simon Fisher, 2000).

Therefore, the conflict is not necessarily violent, but violence is certainly rooted trough conflict. Then conflicts that transformed into violence must be considered, in what condition is the violence and how it is affected to other people. This is a challenge for the society as well as a reminder that we should not ignore that something is scapegoated.

Despite the fact that scapegoating is negative, it is a very effective way to unravel the escalation of conflict. It has a very important role in the escalation of rumors, because this scapegoat leads to a political representation and displacement the issues.

Even such victims who have become scapegoats are mere able reduced on the upper middleclass people, they are unable to analyze in the lower middleclass society. Because it has been trusted and produced well to facilitate the perpetrators with the certain intentions.

George said that the incitement of hate spin may begin with the presence of black goats who are ready to be blamed, criticized, and hated as the cause of conflict and violence (George, 2016).

The political system and market mechanism spread various false news through the twist of hatred that had been deliberately produced. Here lies the escalation of rumors that determine whether the market will consume hoaxes for free, conversely it will be dimmed because the hate spin that has been spread does not work.

Violence then justifies its own behavior because this is the nature of evil, the desire to control others. As the consequences, is it possible the scapegoater achieve peace within hate spin?