February, as well known as the month who is Pramoedya Ananta Toer was born. In 6th February 1925 was born greatest writer, who made Tetralogy Buru Land. Absolutely, the book who was written by Pramoedya explain about struggle of Indonesian people vis a vis with suffer to be freedom human under colonialize.

Sometime, Pramoedya known the greatest writer, but in other hand, Pramoedya known as nightmare. Tempo 16th September 1989, describe about subversive rezim. Bambang Subono (Subono) and Bambang Isti Nugroho (Isti) were imprisoned because discuss and sell book who is made by Pramoedya.

The victims were UGM (University of Gadjah Mada) Family's. Isti wasn't student, but he had habit to read poetry and a lot of book beside her job as a sweeper. It is amazing activity as Isti done. He was not student, who has critical thinking activity with argue about struggle against oppression. But life is choice, choice to beat ignorance, like Isti character.

The New Order, as well known as authoritarian regime. Start from 1966’s till 1998, write the condition that new order known as the iron first regime. Suharto is a key. He was the longest serving to be president 32nd years, by himself. His smile was charismatic. But that’s smile had message behind.

Quoted from the Magazine Tempo, Isti and Subono were imprisoned because promote Pramoedya Books beside theatrical concert who was made by Subono in Kridosono Hall in 9th June 1988. Subono sold the books after Theatrical. The Regime smell something wrong when the book categories was made by Pramoedya was sold by Subono named Rumah Kaca to visitors.

They used to be activist literary. They admired works to read. Beside activity to be sweeper, Isti was active in organization named Kelompok Studi Sosial Palagan (KSSP). Previously as the leader of the organization. Subono accompanied him made big movement about sastra and social critic with pleasure under KSSP.

Ramble support from Student in Yogyakarta unstoppable, retain authoritarian new order. When Subono and Isti be accused, student roaring to reject judges decision. He sold book, and the judges accused him seven years in jail. That was not fair. The student made demonstration to voice Isti and Subono rights.

Several Figures argued that case. Umar Kayam, Loekman Soetrisno, and Arief Boediman speaked up. They made statement to argue that was subversive laws risk to criminalize the people like Subono and Isti because of regime. Rector Koesnadi Hardjasoemantri support by morality. He didn't unplug statue student Subono and statue of staffing Isti. He roared justice to them.


Remember Pramoedya must be go on and appreciate. He is statue of greatest writer who agree about realism socialist. In decade old order, Pramodeya debate with Menifesto Kebudayaan always in poles literature history of Indonesia. He thought, Sastra always touch on politics. Revolusi doesn't Finish, we must struggle to be finish with real revolution. The aspects like culture, music, theatrical and character of human Indonesian always tell history and revolutionary concept.

The book who is made by Eka Kurniawan, Pramoedya Ananta Toer and Realism Sosialis (Gramedia Pustaka; 2006), told about Pramoedya Journey. Correctly Intellectual Journey of Pramoedya Ananta Toer is explained on that book. Further, polemic beetwen Manifesto Kebudayaan and Pramoedya, explain side by side why Pramoedya is nightmare by New Order Regime.

In 1953, Pramoedya started polemic with critic. He made essay, the title is Literary Offensive; H.B Jassin was Dead Before He Changed Himself on Lentera Magazine. Pramoedya roar was very tight. First polemic in Lentera Magazine, he continued with B. Sularto made domino effect about realism socialism vis a vis humanism universal.

Lekra was made 17 August 1950. There are figure beside Lekra, among others D.N Aidiri, M.S Ashar, A.S Dharta and Njoto. Lekra has concept in their movement. Realisms Socialicm who is introduced by Maxim Gorky, chose to be Lekra Concept. After Lekra exist, there are a lot of figure like Bakri Siregar, Bujung Saleh, Joebar Ajoeb and Pramoedya get in the circle.

Lekra is always equated with PKI, because of a lot of figure affiliate with PKI like Aidit and Njoto. However, what we need to clarify, not all Lekra members are members of the PKI. Pramoedya had joined Lekra in 1956, three years after Lekras declared. On Kongres Nasioanl I In Solo, (22-28 Januari 1959), he joined and speak fluently to speech and appointed as a member of Lekra.

Pramoedya voice was tight. He fought with pen. However, 1965 tragedy made pramoedya gloomy and disappointed. In 9th May 1965, he closed polemic with essay named Tahun 1965 Tahun Pembabatan Total, Before tragedy of humanistic like genocide in Indonesia beheld in last September, Pramoedya criticized liberal institutions were mushrooming in Indonesia.

The Old Order was failed change to be New Order. All the think about communism, lekra and PKI must be disappear from Indonesia. In the end, Pramoedya’s books fell victim to the stagnation the new order about knowledge. Subono and Isti’s news clipings are our reflection.