“As well as the best leader is him, as well as the great troop is his troop.” Prophet Muhammad.

Everyone has known about one of the great history in the world. How the way that Islam can conquer Constantinople which can be makes sure that the truth of Prophet Muhammad Hadith. 

So difficult to get the region of Constantinople because Constantinople has an amazing fortress which not easy to destroy it. However, Muhammad Al-Fatih can be the best leader who leading to conquer of Constantinople together with his big empire and power, so that is starting glory region of Islam by Turkey Usman Empire.

But, do you know that actually the glory of Turkey Usman not happen in Muhammad Al-Fatih era, the glory of Turkey Usman Empire is happened when the era of King Sulayman II, everyone called him that Sulaiman the Magnificent.

So many areas have been controlled by him, also about prosperity, safety in the country, and especially about development building in the Suleiman Magnificent era.

So many building which can we see in Turkey up to now, there are so amazing building in Turkey country especially in Istanbul City which each of the building in Istanbul City has so many histories.

Yeah exactly, right now, I want to share about one of the famous people in the era of Suleiman Magnificent. He is Mimar Sinan. 

Have you ever heard about his name? I guess everyone here is still confused when I mentioned this name and most people don't know about Mimar Sinan even though he is a great person who has built so many buildings in Turkey Country.

Mimar Sinan was born in Agarnas Village, Kayseri City in 1490. His mother name is Emine Hatun. He was the best architect at the time of the Suleiman Magnificent era in Turkey's Ottoman Empire. 

His name and popularity is increasing for 50 years, since he become a chief architect of the Kingdom of Turkey. He already appointed to become a chief architect by King Sulaiman in 1539.

He is a creative and brilliant person. Spending the time just with the paper, the ruler and the mockup.  

So many amazing buildings which Mimar Sinan already built, especially the mosque. He has built everything in Turkey Kingdom such as grief, school, palace, hospital, water fountain, and mosque which is the most famous building because so many stories from the mosque by Mimar Sinan especially about his love story.

Up to now, the mosque has always been a great building even when tourists from another country come to Turkey and visit several places in Turkey for the reason of holiday or study.

Mimar Sinan was a soldier of the Janissary troop. As we know, Janissary is the special troop which has so many special abilities per person, especially ability for fighting in war.

However, Mimar Sinan was more interested in studying construction and architecture knowledge than continuing to be a soldier of the Janissary troop.

Fortunately, he has a passion and is an expert in all aspects of construction. Such as construction of wood, steel, and concrete.

When he learns a lot of construction knowledge he still joins the janissary troop even though he joins in the war against Persia, and he can prove it upon his ability that he can lead the troop to build the bridge to pass the river in the war.

So many buildings, especially the mosque which Mimar Sinan has built such as Sulimiye Kelesi in Edirne, Sehjade Cemi, and the last one is the masterpiece and one of the fanciest buildings in Turkey is Sulayman Cami in Istanbul.

Sulayman Cami built and named according to the King of Sulaiman the magnificent because the peak glory of Turkey's Ottoman Empire is when Sulaiman becomes a king.

In the world, there is a love story from Adam Hawa, Layla Majun, Romeo Juliet, and Sinan Mihrimah.  Not only about how amazing each building by him, but also about the love story of Mimar Sinan. 

He is falling in love with King Sulaiman's daughter. She is a princess. Her name is Mihrimah. The meaning Mihr is sun and Mah is moon. So that’s why King Sulaiman gave her name because he wants to have the princess who has to give light and stillness to other people.

Unfortunately, Mihrimah is already married to a handsome governor who has a higher dignity than Mimar Sinan. Unrequited love. To show his sorrow, he receives the request from the princess that the princess request to build the mosque with her name. 

Mimar Sinan built 2 of the mosques. The one is in Uskudar which faces Bosporus strait directly which has quiet vibes and the second building is in Istanbul hill which has light vibes. 

Do you know that it is the most amazing love story in Mimar Sinan to show a big love to the princess. Every 21 March, which is the birthday of the princess, in the evening the sun will sunset behind the mosque dome and at the same time in the night the moon will appear through the middle tower of the mosque building in Uskudar.

He died in Istanbul in 1588.   Even his friend, Mustaba Sai Celebi has written the story of life about Mimar Sinan.  

Lastly, I want to say that most people who feel a broken heart and so that’s why, according to the Mimar Sinan story, we have to create a big creation which has an impact on the country, and you know that in Indonesia most people feel the same thing as a broken heart too.