“Life is not only about how to make a beautiful soul but also how to make the other people being happy to see us. When we can’t help other people with a money, at least we can make the other people happy when they see us. So, life is not only about how to make your beautiful soul, but it is also about how to make our performance is being beautiful to see by the other people”

This article is not trying hard or even trying to assure you about performance is a number one. But this article wants to try to explain you about “how’s important to care about our performance”.

You may say “I don’t care about my performance, the most important thing is my brain!”, but please today that statement is not relevant to say. It’s time to change that old statement. We have to change our mindset about it. 

Well, let me say performance is not number one, but I have to say performance is very important. So, don’t even try to ignore it. 

When I was a teenager, still in junior high school and senior high school, I always think that performance is not important for our life. The most important thing is being clever by study and study every day because a brain is more important than anything in this world. At school, I never care about my performance. Performance was never listed on my list priority. 

Being the innocent guy maybe was very appropriate for my condition in that day. I used uniform like usual. Using general shoes and standard lifestyle like the other students. Never care about my hair or my face, white and black.

In that moment, I always think that performance was not important because I always think that someone will respect me not because of my performance but because of my brain and my knowledge. 

After finished in high school, I continue my school to university. The best university in my province. I was growing up being the young one.

In the first semester, as usual, I never care about my performance. I don’t care with my hair, cloth, pants, and my face. I always think that performance is not important in the university, the most important thing is our brain. Brain, brain, and brain. But everything was being changed since I reach my last semester and then choose to work while school. 

In my office, everything was changed. It’s totally different with my old mindset. In the real world, we can’t just focus on the brain. Everything must be balanced. 

In the real world like an office, performance or lifestyle is very important to support our job. We have to keep it balanced. You can’t just use your brain to face your client because before you talk to them, they will always see your performance first. 

Simple, they will see your brain after they have seen your face. In office’s life, your client will see your performance to assure them about your job. If you have good looking, they will believe your brain and your idea. But if your performance is bad looking, no one will believe you although you have a very good idea and smart people. 

In the real world, don’t look at the book by its cover is not totally true, because in the reality you will never buy the book if the cover is bad. It shows that, you will only buy a book with an awesome cover and color. Don’t ignore it, it’s true! So, we must keep our cover always in good looking so that the other people will appreciate us with a high price. Everything must be balanced in the world, mustn't it?