Padmawati stands at the end of the pool. The atmosphere above is as blue as the T-shirt of her teens, reflected in the waters. At around eight o’clock in the morning, she finally got off the online taxi service at her hometown. 

It was the second time with her miles where there was no chance for her to go out for some walking. The siblings of her in home look like the gigantic demon-towers. 

Is it a runaway? 

The skies still remember where she was bound by a rigid mature man as that tremendous mountain top. There is no horizon nor azimuth line. The only one is about white nimbus clouds. 

It eliminated the high-powered memory as she was given unforgettable clues from the man.  With a deep sigh, Padmawati switches on her mobile phone. 

This way how to avoid a ton of calling in her high-end gadget. Another deep sigh, she looked down on her trendy high price shoes. "Memory is a strange thing. I haven't changed my shoes in three years," Padmawati said to the tosca water wave.

"Hasn’t everything been written and changed already?" She uttered in her scrambling hearth. Padmawati  checks her bulky notification and answers one by one without high awareness. 

But, few emails make her feel like melting ice cream. There were 5 articles that will inspire her. While sipping her root beer, she leaves through her gadget with long and deep breaths. Nothing feels right, everything feels as a board alternative. 

She doesn’t want to write a reply. She doesn’t want to force her finger online. She just wants to write with passion, and nutty donuts on her side. What kinds of this place? She wants to wake up his man. Erected him with her words. Many delete as a jump-start to change her world.

Eureka! She cried with sound. Deepest unbiased with sharp tips of nuclear blast belonging.

Eureka! Kind of an interjection used to celebrate a discovery or invention. It is a transliteration of an exclamation. Introduced by Archimedes.

Why just word makes her man erected. What kind of erected? She can inspire change? Write just only skim in a couple of seconds.

It is not a subhead with italic style or bold by blackened pixels. Before clicking away for another screen swapping? 

How do you know what word she chose for vivid rousing  that makes her man wake up? Not only that — He is but also replies with many love quotes — What kind of man he is?  Meanwhile, blue water vibrated one more time by dropping leaves.  

If she hears, blue water will say, love is not as longitudinal waves, they just travel the vibrations parallel to the direction of the wave.  Like sound waves of her gadget signal. Dying when the power runs off. Blanking if the on/off button is pressed.

For the last leaves dropping, Padmawati stands up and walks to the old gazebo in the corner of this undefined place. 

What place?Love is also not similar to a transverse wave. The vibrations just are at right angles to the direction of wave traveled. Limited as a ripples on the surface of water And foolish vibrations in a guitar string which trapped a dark hole.

Now, Padmawati is just standing up in front of a very strong material that looks like a bungalow. 

What kind of bungalow?

She tried to open the door. Before her trying due to a big null, a flash of memory gathered as sentences in her mind: the world is about the difference of respective. It is for the believer, a good life already includes togetherness with God. 

Someone who doesn't love her, but makes her do good in order to receive some dogma.  

Who is that man?

She would not choose that alternative because getting the results is not the point of her living well. Just grasp for the core, It is a part of her dramatic love. Someone who ever gives her the differences between believer and atheist. 

And now, Padmawati is still confused about the difference between the believer and the atheist. It is not not only just says, “Yes” and the other says, "No" to a classic question about God's existence.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with her opening overviews about this.  Her word texting which makes her man erect is not a sentence. Just one word which is preceded by letter “F” and finished by letter “E”. Just three letters from 26 the alphabetic orders.

There are two men in this flash situation. First, a man who she texted a word contains three letters. 

And on the other side a man who is lying down in that building likes a bungalow. And Padmawati still tries to open the door. But always failed.

The cracks in the walls of the bungalow were wet by her crying drop. 

Some curtains covered in faded daisies.  Smell of strong traditional fragrance of Hio attaches itself after the first few minutes of her crying. 

What kind of place?

The blink of lighter was as hard clicking through the dark ventilation of that building, the color blending together and rendering the last breath of her heavy lacrimation.

The blue sadness was rampaging through the devastating effect of unstable love. 

Padmawati realized that her heart had been tapped by two men. It makes a dream feeds for several minutes. 

She tried to make a gentle singing accent. 'Boy, all is up, and I am always up. 

Now Padmawati turns her slimming body to going deep. 

She wipes her cries drops and starts to remember the night when she became a goddess.

"Oblivion philosophy, I accept his freedom teaching and on the other side I also go on my future as a glorious once…..!!!,” Padmawati said loudly. The horizon seemed to be socked with her sound. 

Without reaching her man body in that bungalow, she reached another thing, her own forgiveness. Now, she can forgive herself for many things as a freedom human. There is no hidden truth in a cave of the black Mountains. Free, freedom!