Many people said that, “Practice makes perfect.”

Everyone has dreams, especially for me. I have a dream to make it come true.

Someday, I want to go abroad and to another country. I want to continue my study in a western country, specifically the UK country to get much experience there.

So that’s why I have to be able to speak English. It is one of my reasons to come to an English village in Pare.

I always remember all of my dreams, therefore I usually list the dreams on the paper like 100 lists of the dreams.

We have to focus on our dreams because it will motivate you to always upgrade your capacity, especially in learning the English language.

I have had a lot of experience when I started to learn English up to now. In the past, I got the lowest TOEIC score in my class.

I start to focus on my English focus when I do my last task in my college, because I have a lot of the time when my lecturer was to disappear. Therefore, I usually learn English personally.

I learn English by speaking, writing, vocabulary, listening, reading, and grammar or structure.

However, I have learned English by using many tools on the internet and directly with my friends.

On the internet, I can learn English by watching YouTube. A few channels on Youtube help me to improve my English skills such as Ted Talk Channel, English with Lucy, Voice of America Learning English, BBC Learning English, and other channels.

For example, on the Ted Talk Channel we can learn about the many accents because the speakers of Ted Talk are from another country.

We can learn English when you're watching a movie that you like. For example, I like genre movies such as history, fantasy, science fiction, and romance. 

The movie titles such as Harry Potter, The Queen's Gambit, Money Heist, Lord of the Rings, Sherlock and Enola Holmes, all the movies you can watch on Netflix. However, don’t forget that you have to use the English subtitle and see about the pronunciation and the conversation.

Next, we can learn English on Ome TV. Perhaps. Everyone has ever tried the Ome TV. It is like a video call to another person, but it is random. Sometimes if you are lucky, you can meet with foreigners and have conversations in English like Fiki Naki and Dayana.

Another way is to learn the English language by British Council Learning English. British Council learning English is an app from the UK and based on British Accent. 

Here, you can improve your conversation, reading, vocabulary, writing, and listening. Besides that, you can learn about all cultures in the UK including the language.

And, you can learn English if you join online courses such as Coursera and EDX. The lecturer or the instructor of Coursera and EDX usually from the top universities in the world such as MIT, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, and the others. 

I usually took the course about smart city, history, and infrastructure which related to my major and passion. Besides learning English, you can improve your knowledge about something.

We must always listen to the podcast and then sing a song. In your smartphone, you can try another way that you can download many apps to improve your English skill. It seems like playing a game. 

The apps are Duolingo and cookies, we can find out on google play store if you use the android and app store if you use the iPhone.

If you have friends, you have to chat or video call, and call in English language to improve your conversation and confidence. Before this, you have to make a group of friends who want to learn English with each other, especially for practice.

Basically, you have to be a curious person to know much vocabulary and don’t forget to write it if you find the new vocabulary and remember all of the vocabulary.

Perhaps you can join the English course where you can practice speaking English like you come to Pare, right now. 

However, to learn English in the course is not enough for me, we have to evaluate our English skill every day or every week, so that we can know about our achievement here, and when you have the free time, you can learn English by yourself.

In Pare, you have to remember your reason to come here. Don’t use your time haha-hihi so that it can waste your time here.

Like me, I wanna spend 2 months here to learn about speaking, after that I will take the TOEFL or IELTS course in 1 month.

My reason to focus to learn English in 2 months about speaking is, in my opinion about speak practice we must have the place where you can practice your speak English. So that’s why, learning grammar, listening, reading, and writing, you can learn by yourself.

If you would like to read the book, you can read the import book in the English language. 

When you're reading the books, you will find the new vocabulary for you, and you have to prepare the translator to translate a lot of vocabulary, and you can improve your pronunciation by reading loudly like the method of tongue twister in the pronunciation class.

Beside the books, you can read so many articles and the news like BBC and Jakarta Post.

If you still want to be a student, you have to join the English club in your school or college.

I believe that we can learn English quickly from the basic level if we can focus and diligently learn a lot and don’t forget to reach your biggest dreams in your life, like Soekarno said, “Reach your dreams as high as the skies. If you fall, you will at least fall with the star.”