"You should find out the patient zero!" a heavy sound and noise ceased toward him.

"why, Sir, how could I?" Tom asked 

"Go, a head Tom!" a heavy sound answered, voiced so authoritative.

"He asked me not a command, only to trust," Tom whispered himself.

In medical science, the index case or the first documented patient in a disease epidemic within a population is called patient zero.

Tom took a deep breath and raised his eyes to the ceiling.  The place where he stood up was a transparent rectangle dominated by the glossy surface. It was an super digital and sleek office with a oval desk. There were two very big LCD screen and many consoles as mission control.

Tom began scanning a new section of patient zero, he spotted many names that he recognized. Most of them relevant to a group of people who concerns with freedom movement, many boys and many girls.

They were sickened by virus after a trip to Southeast Asia and could have been "patient zero" for us and spread of the deadly virus. In epidemiology, this central character is known as Patient Zero—the case at the heart of an outbreak. 

Tom hunted for patient zeroes from all over the map, all over the coordinates shown in his LCD screen. The greatest mysteries have a shadowy figure at the center—someone who sets things in motion and holds the key to how the story unfolds.  Cause of they are all activists. 

Tom start with the data of perhaps the most iconic Patient Zero : Rissa. Then, Tom dived into a molecular detective story to pinpoint the beginning of this pandemic, and re-imagined the moment when the virus that caused the global pandemic sprang to life.

After that, the people and a man who have heavy sound  left wondering if Tom can trace the spread of a disease. In the end, Tom found himself faced with a choice between competing claims about the origin love and pandemic.

As officials try to identify patient zero, the Tom's data provides clues about the emergence and spread of a virus that has thrown the world into tumult.

"I know who the very first patient zero was, presumably in here, and that leaves a lot of unanswered questions about how the outbreak started and how it initially spread," Tom analyzed himself. 

Tom's eyes were drawn quickly to a high compartment cluttered with antique personal items. when he saw the items on the compartment, he inhaled deeply, taking a step forward. There were many things such as syringe, pill bottles, and knife spotted with blood and gun.

Tom sat down to the chair near compartment and picked the gun then put it down into his waist. It is now time to say " I love you". What a great chance took place in here. Rissa the most patient zero was not criminal whom this secret agency was making the most energetic effort to capture. Now, Rissa was the most beloved, his girl friend.  

The paper were full of Rissa's data. All those which had made bets for or against his heavy voiced boss. 

"My guns!" exclaimed Tom in agitation.

Tom was silent for a few moments, lost in thought.  There was no companion. The extraordinary situation had worked him up to a high pitch of love addiction, Rissa, the most patient zero.

For about five minutes he remained floating in the sea of love. 

"Hurrah!" cried Tom without companion. The native of love, panic-stricken, gradually vanished into him. 

"Ten years alone among this love!" exclaimed Tom. Love has its martyrs. Tom was a love missionary. He was a priest of love. Neither heaven nor hell sent to Tom. There were not heaven and hell for Tom ideology.  Love has its heroes and heroin. Love be praised. 

The security camera is located in a windowless warren of his room. Intentionally isolated from the main control room of Central Gaplex barracks which full of damned people who licked the host. 

No question, no mercy, the killer mused. Those are the unspoken rule that make our boss smiles, Tom mused.

Tonight's job was one Tom had accepted several days ago. His boss who has heavy sound offered him much money. Injecting her with potassium chloride, resulting in immediate death of deadly heart attack appearance.

As Tom's mind reeled back in that time, on the rainy night, Tom and Rissa shaded in beautiful place, a restaurant boasted an avant-garde decor and colorful cuisine that made diners feels as they were seated in a landscape painted by love.  

Head of love, in a nation where separation between love and state has always been controversial, illegal and sucks, Tom mused. Remembering Rissa as an activist struggled against the element of corrupts, against hunger, drought and fever, against savage animal, savage plant and also savage people. 

The injection of potassium chloride to Rissa is planned not random.It has been very carefully studied, and it was not without reason that his boss decided to choose Tom as an executor. 

Tom went out and followed coordinates, and was soon in the large building at the top of which fluttered several cluster of antennas. when Tom reached this place, he felt just as if he had kissed Rissa.

He had not walked by the merest chance, he found himself face to face with Rissa. The image of her face appeared on his eyes, suddenly he closed his eyes and praying. 

Standing against her room wall, he hoped she did not looks as Rissa who he loved very much. so far, this night despite being antagonistic toward love faith. in the center of the room, a tall, sexy, elegantly dressed woman was pushing her body as a push up motion. 

When Tom reached her door with pair of double doors with horizontal push bar, she opened just far enough to allow him to glimpse her face.

"Love?" Rissa knew all his movement.

"Rissa," Tom said stupidly. 

From all he could see, her face was already going wild. 

"A moral obligation?" Rissa pressed.

"And if your faith is misplaced?" Tom asked.

Rissa and Tom felt their eyes tighten, paused in moment, exhaled, and ready replied as calmly as they could.

"Tom, if, in the end, you and I cannot find a way to love together, then we will parts as friend, and we will each do what we feel is best or beast, " Rissa explained.

"Hold on," Tom said, placing a hand on her trembling red lips. "Just love, you are perfectly safe here."

"No," she whispered, "there are things going on here that  you don't understand, You and need to get out now!" 

"We can't run," Tom countered. "we will never, please listen to me", he urged. "I know how to help you."

Tom kissed Rissa in any way. Love is crazy. The next few seconds were a blur.