Someone once said to us, “I am willing to go to prison with books, because with books I am free.”

That is the famous quote which you know, right? Even about him, there is no person who does not know about him.

Actually, right now, I wanna make the discussion about someone. To be honest his story always inspired my whole life. You can mention that he is my idol, he is my inspiration, up to you if you wanna mention it.

He is the person who has struggled to make Indonesia. We know that it is a hard struggle and not easy to achieve.

Yes, that’s right, he is Mohammad Hatta and most people call him Bung Hatta. Actually he has a little name, that is Athar. Athar in Arabic language is holy. So that’s why his parents give the name.

He was born in Bukittinggi, North Sumatra on August 12, 1902.

He has many books, approximately he has 110.000 books in his library. Furthermore, he usually spends his money to buy the books, because he likes to read the books. Even he will be offended if other people break or fold the paper of his books.

Besides that, he like to write, so that’s why he has already write so many books, even in the past you can read his writing on the newspaper. 

He has already written when he is 16 years old until 77 years old. His writing has the magic power to influence other people because he has always written deeply to make other people trust his writing.

Lots of good characters about Mohammad Hatta, one of them is that he is always an on time person. I have one story which shows that Mohammad Hatta is an on time person. 

A long time ago Mohammad Hatta was exiled to Banda Neira by the Nederland Kingdom, in one place, and that place is nutmeg garden. In the past, you know that the watch has not been found as it is now. 

However, the peasant knows about time because Mohammad Hatta is always through the nutmeg garden at the same time, so that’s why the peasant knows about time.

He is a kind person, simple, critical, and quiet, however he became a chairman of Perhimpunan Indonesia when he studied in Rotterdam. He studied in the Netherlands and his major is economic knowledge.

Furthermore, he joined Indische Vereeniging with Suwardi Suryaningrat (Everyone called him that Ki Hajar Dewantara), Douwes Dekker, and Tjipto Mangunkusumo. 

Indische Vereeniging is an educational organization, but actually it has to change to be a political organization because four of them wanna struggle to make Indonesia.

He created the national education party and so that’s why Mohammad Hatta was exiled to Digul by the Netherlands Kingdom. He was arrested for his political activities against colonialism. 

Speaking of Digul, that place is a dangerous place because many people suffer from an extraordinary malaria disease. If you know the Digul location in Papua Island.

After that, Mohammad Hatta moved from the Netherlands Kingdom to Banda Neira. That is the beautiful island which visited by Mohammad Hatta. In Banda Neira, Mohammad Hatta fill the time to teaching local kids there.

About Banda Neira, so many Pala there and that is the reason that’s why western country come to Indonesia such as Portuguese and Spain, because in the past that Pala or spices is expensive and hard to find. 

Mohammad Hatta moved by Netherland Kingdom to Sukabumi, but in Sukabumi, Mohammad Hatta only spent one month and after that he was released because the Netherland Kingdom surrendered to Japan.

Mohammad Hatta joined PPKI as the vice chairman of PPKI meanwhile Soekarno as the chairman. PPKI was formed in August 1945 to prepare for the independence of Indonesia.

As we know, the independence of Indonesia happened on August 17, 1945. Soekarno became a president and together with his partner, he appointed Mohammad Hatta as the first vice president of Indonesia.

Mohammad Hatta and Soekarno are best friends. They usually collaborated about everything. Mostly people called them dwitunggal. Mohammad Hatta get married to Rahcmi Rahim because supported by Soekarno. 

The interesting thing is Mohammad Hatta doesn't wanna get married if Indonesia still has not got independence, at the time Mohammad Hatta is over 40 years old, and he still has not got to marry.

Unfortunately, Mohammad Hatta resigned as the vice president of Indonesia because he feels the different vision with Soekarno, especially about the Nasakom concept.

So many books written by Mohammad Hatta such as Mendayung Antara Dua Karang, Demokrasi Kita, Alam Pikiran Yunani, and others. About Alam Pikiran Yunani, that is the special book because he has written and given the book to his wife as a wedding dowry.

Up to now, there is no movie that tells the story of Mohammad Hatta, even though so many movies tell about someone such as Soekarno, Habibie, Cokroaminoto, and others.

Mohammad Hatta inspired to our life, about the simple life, about the vision, and the important thing is he really love about his country and struggling to make independence of Indonesia.

Mohammad Hatta died on March 14, 1980. That is so sad for Indonesia because already lost Mohammad Hatta, who is loved by all Indonesian people.

The last, Mohammad Hatta ever said that, “When I die, I want to be buried in Jakarta, where Indonesia's independence was proclaimed. I don't want to be buried in the Heroes' Tomb (Kalibata). I want to be buried in the graves of ordinary people, whose fate I have fought for all my life.”