In Lady Diana became one of the glamorous women in the world. Not only because of her fashion choices but she comes from grassroot and stays stylish despite being married to a member of the royal family. His life in the kingdom and all the protocol classes he had to follow every day did not change his inocentric character.

He is still as humble as when he was a kindergarten teacher. Throughout his life he came from commoners and remained modest despite being married to a member of the royal. She is also known as the royal princess of many charities.

Other women who are not born by age are child observers and work for the United Nations in Africa is Audrey Hepburn. She was a victim of World War II. She experienced difficulties in the war by losing her family members and living on the streets and to survive in the middle of winter, she had to take food or leftover bread from the trash. Even before she starred in films.

Lady Diana & Audrey Hepburn, both of whom have been role models for women around the world in the past, that the definition of beauty in the 60s is the definition of a woman with an incompetent and very social side.

Starting in December the Miss Universe event was successfully held in Atalanta. Indonesia sent Miss Indonesia Frederica Alexiscull as a representative. This prestigious show was moderated by Steve Harvey, one of the most prominent reality show hosts in the United States after Oprah Winfrey.

In 2019, Zozitunsi was the first black woman in the world from South Africa to become Miss Universe. Zozitunsi has become a role model for women around the world in changing the perspective of many people to be beautiful. On the other hand, beauty means having white pearl skin, shiny pink lips, large breast size and long curly hair.

This perspective is widely embraced by women throughout the world and even built by the cosmetics industry. He himself is the doer of this phenomenon, experiencing the stigma in his own environment that he is not beautiful, he will never be beautiful because he was born black.

In this case, in this Miss Universe event, each contestant carries his own mission, as Fredericha did, at a national competition where he spoke of the importance of being aware of hate speech and intimidation which were challenges in the post-truth era. He himself experienced this phenomenon and in fact hatred of speech and intimidation became a national problem.

People everywhere, regardless of position, middle or lower class, intellectual or even uneducated, all have a gap to truly become victims of haters who say hate words and even intimidation. Fredericha will increasingly stand out in the top five Miss Universe events, the highest ever achieved by the Indonesian Women's Foundation, many will see how she plays a role in hate speech and community service activities in an effort to encourage children's rights in a quiet place in Bantar Gebang.

Actually, from them as women we also could take some lesson in building our self esteem in our own body. Gods create us in perfect shape. We are perfect in his design. But sometimes we did not understand how to act in this form of shape as human being and as woman. I know that there is imperfect but maybe it's not the case when you know that imperfect is just the other form of comment how we sees ourselves sometime.

Zozitunzi is the smartest and how she could show it to the world that all colours matter and woman should smart and clever. And when the contest is not only about wearing beautiful dress and be the ambassador of best luxurious fashion products. 

She, actually has shape of Indonesian woman. And it's surprising many, when she also that kind heart and loving person. She is really humble. Nowday, we see everywhere that selling beauty products is not always girl who has bright skin and very white. All people said as "clean" and it's little bit harsh sometime when we called others on their different skin as "dirty" or has maid face.

And no joke, I often accept that kind of harassment. It's related skin (need to be brighter) and always maid face.But I am far from that feeling of shame. I am fully grateful for everything I have. And I am so proud to born in this shape, colour of skin, and face. I am perfect as creature. As human and woman.

This era, since Zozi winning, gave sense of "redefining again woman beauty". I have seen very big baliho, and there is a girl with darker skin beside white girl. However, white supremacy that happened around the globe can't be denied that also impact how women see themselves.