“Man robbuka?” an old sound started to stop the crowd. He is not a God  or an Angel. His sound as a big sword of Excalibur. 

The question due to the name of God. How about if the dead body didn't know the answer? 

Far away from the burial a little boy answered with a trembling sound, “Allaahu Robbi, Dad!” His teardrops watered till his neck. 

As a death and an element of horror, the graveyard featured prominently as Gothic stories. Someone passed away in the afternoon. Many people cried and moaned.

The dark comes quickly with decayed things. All people are psychologically trembling with strong evocations of nature. 

Scary shadow, haunted soul usually is as graphic of horror stories. But  now, they understand about the fear of the mind. 

Although there is a God with superpower entities. People always make their definition of ghost and God. 

They also overlap between the two, real or imaginary. The simple thing is, who is  the man who was buried that afternoon.

“Man nabiyuka?” the next question was asked. Fresh soil of burial still has many porous and capillaries. 

It may help the sound of an old man break through from the air to the land. The question due to the name of the Prophet. 

A little boy walked to the burial and said, “Muhammadun nabiyyi, Dad! His eyes stared on the burial which was wet of water and flowers.

The crowd was less than twenty people. It is abnormal. Why the other not coming to the burial? Why did the other not accompany the dead body convoy?

The crowd of people still silent for the second question. Other mainstays, the dead body soul could make journey as the holy spirit. 

Maybe they are afraid of camouflage as ghosts, bad creature things and other evil figures. 

A young girl felt a thrill as soon she got out of the car and placed her feet on the sidewalk near the graveyard. Littered with wet tissue papers. Her face looks like onion peels, full of sadness. 

Her nose was an overripe tomato. Swollen cause of hard lacrimation. She walked up and down the aisles, running with her unstable legs. 

Her eyes look like tomatoes, as smooth and glossy as polished furniture. It causes override crying.  

“Ma dinuka?” an old man still giving the question to the dead body. The question due to the name of religion. 

People started to move without fear. In their mind, enough! Seems to be impolite way to the dead body. For three times the little boy answered, “al Islamu dini, Dad!

The girl and little boy still sit in the graveyard. No fear for accompanying an old man with the next question cupped full of praying. They are very sad with the impolite way of people and cold circumstances. 

She felt their lumpy peel with their palms. So suck in her heart. Sometimes she dug a fingernail into the soil as its pungent juice. She avoided touching her nose but she liked to stroke the feathery bunches of bracelets to the ground. 

The little boy tapped grave stone with his index finger, still listening to the hollow sound of the old man with the next question.

“Man imammuka?”  for three times the question launched.  The question due to the name of the holy book. The graveyard is silent. People back to their home. But, the burial ceremony is not yet. And for this question, the girl answered, “Al Quran imami, Dad!”

The dead body, the girl and the little boy is Javanese. Their society believes that individuals play a role as a harmonious part of the family group. 

Especially, to be Javanese means that an individual should know and conform the manners and place in either the family group or society. 

As the family of the dead body, living in the Javanese society. But modernism of religion makes the change of the harmony of people. The tradition was oppressed by the wrong interpretation of holy verse. 

“Aina qiblatuka?” for this question, and the old man looks very bored. The envelope in his pocket was not enough for his spirit. The rate of envelope fills must be equivalent with dollar rates, maybe in his mind.

"Al-Ka’batu Qiblati," his children answered. In that time, it is the weak intonation of answer. This question due to the geospatial position of  Makkah. 

All expressions of the individual’s interests leading to conflicts or disagreement of Javanese tradition.

It must be avoided. Unlike Western culture, which regards individualism and group belonging as mutually exclusive, most Javanese consider the two intimately related. As same as the situation in the graveyard. 

His son and daughter helped him to answer the questions. In fact, the respect of life is dominated by the interpretation of the verses with intolerant way.  Javanese society links with patriarchy and the authoritarian style. 

As we know that patriarchy is a form of social organisation in which the male is the supreme authority and the highest-ranking member in the family, clan, and tribe. 

The dead body was mimicry, in biology, it is a phenomenon characterized by the superficial resemblance of two or more organisms that are not closely related. 

This resemblance confers an advantage—such as protection from predator —upon one or both organisms by which the organisms deceive the animate agent of natural selection. 

Why does the dead body have a faith mimicry?

The agent of selection which may be, the religion for example, as a predator of his Javanese traditional way of life. 

The religion for the dead body as  the host of a parasite. Depending on the type or degree of interpretation. 

This type of natural selection distinguishes mimicry of faith from other types of convergent resemblance that result from the action of other forces of natural selection as a dogma in religion.

It is known as mimicking faith and vice versa. Religion-tradition religion-tradition and so on. 

The distinction between camouflage and mimicry is clear when only the model and the mimic are at hand. For example the old man with 5 questions and the dead body. 

An old man camouflages his religion for gaining money in his envelope. And the dad body mimicking the supporting answer from his children. 

When the receiver is known and its reactions understood, however, the distinction is quite clear, Mimicry sent signals and have a special significance for the receiver and for the sender. As same as the communication between the old man and the dead body. 

“Man Ikhwanuka?” the last question coming out from the old man's mouth. This question represents the circumstance. There is no ikhwan, all going home! There is no association between the question and the envelope of the old man. 

There is no  relationship between mimicry, emotion recognition, and empathy. All about money.

Al-Muslimun Wal-Muslimat Ikhwani, Dad!” the little boy and the girl answered with their last tears. The question truly due to and connected with Javanese Tradition, harmony!

“Your Dad is kafir!” the last fucking sound slaughters them.