The Arenas of War

God speaks to humanity, the voice and the pen
When prophets transmitted the verses
They utter false and true and God could send a sign
Every person in their tribal, the arenas of war
And The God as a King
God hears and response, human starts to fight.

Most woman had little chance
Beauty wasn't hallmarks, the gender was gold
Sexual attractions and taboo
Passive and voiceless
A time of Lawless and Immorality
Disbelief and pagan, slave woman into prostitution
Female infanticide as same as horror film
Blood and fragrant vagina died

Prophets were born in unusual circumstances
Most of them were circumcised
Penis is sacred as a monetary
Difficult childhoods appeared die hard
Most created no father no mother

As Adam was created within penis and vagina
As Moses raised in the house of tyrant, Pharaoh penis
As Joseph was betrayed  by sibling
As Jesus was born without father sperm

Most prophetic mission lead into war
Man to man, God to God, pagan to pagan, penis to penis

Not enough to say harmony in peace
Prophet should go to arenas of War
God saying has gone to war impacts
Forgotten lyrics and melodic reciting
Just one in their mind, lose or win

God is ordering the prophet to many proclaims
With simple word and blunt
All verses ended without commas
This is an arrogantly cling to their desires
But most of  them agree about nature of God
The high majesty House of God
Spreading blind emotional attachment of religion
But most of them agree about nature of God

Seeker of The Divine

Angel flying toward heaven
Human dragging toward hell
Hell  you

I am telling to my mommy
It is profane, it is insulting
Hell you

Newborn baby girl being burred in the ground
You just spinning around
Hell you

When hard times come they sit a spell of shit
Don't matter who you are
They'll cost ya things you've set aside
An' clean your cookie jar

You'll loose some sleep an' worry some
Won't pay to moan an' groan
But hang on to your happiness,
They'll finally leave ya 'lone

What a kinda you? such as metonymical pound
You wanna say rhetorical sound?

A kinda arrogance is revealed in your masquerade
Not accredited to critique, slam, slap or degrade, but antique
Absolute big truth is that no one gives a ripe fig and pig
Nothing more than a cocky rocky, egotistical jarhead

You manna say rhetorical round?

Not to punish the vagina, when they dream of having more
Nor force idea to work hard for almost nothing
Then shake the world, and bring back innocence lost of cum
Doesn't hurt, and everybody help brothers sisters in need of deed

Their women raise children, who fall not for dark ambition
That resit temptation, knowing the folly of endless desire

And among His Sign is
And among His Bounty is
And among His Majesty is
And among His Tranquility is 

Labyrinthine incipiented as scramble word
Panoply in the beginning of sin
Scintilla just a hole of serendipity
Wafture merely just a wherewithal woebegone

Deities And Idols

Woe to those who deal in fraud!
In concomitant due to Satan?
Misdoings and accept the judgement of Devil
Directness and intimacy within evil
Turmoil of the end of time
Many penises erected in act of arrogant

Servitude tends to the proper posture of humanity
Who submit themselves to the God
Under the board umbrella of faith

Alienation, nihilation and retaliation gathering as ringing bell
Scholars came into conflict with deities and idols
Disrupted under authorities till funeral ceremony
Perpetual military dominance over all idiots and idols
They said clearly: We are the only way to the God!

The glory of such symmetry
So more than fills the eye
To the beauty of such poetry
This hopeful heart draws nigh
In natural peace all love is born
To live and thrive each blessed morning

Kill ya
Slaught ya
Torment ya
Cut ya
Hang ya

Those who are ignorant of the idols will be punished
Idiot idols lead to a gave misunderstanding of its meaning
Doubt and ambiguity, idiot idols, dichotomy of signifier and signified
Many narratives bring fundamentals and doctrines
No care about the changes and alternatives