Pare or English village is the name which is so popular in one of the place in Indonesia, exactly in Kediri, East Java.

After graduating in my college, I planned to go to English village. My teacher has said to me that, "If you are not able to speak and write in English, you have to spare your time to learn a lot about that." So I did it.

I have been there for three months more. As I known, so many people come to Pare to improve their English skills, so do I. There are many reasons why they came to Pare.

There is the man who needs the language certificate to apply their job or scholarship or the man who spent the time because they were not received by the institution to study in the dream university or they just killed the time to spend the holiday.

So, people came to Pare with the strong reason. They have many dreams which they want to reach. I guess in Pare, they make a competition each other to prove who can be able to fluent in English or they will be left behind.

However, not only we learned a lot about English, but also we will find more that.

We can understand each other upon the differences because many people came to Pare from Sabang-Merauke, so that is why I told to my friends that Pare seems like Indonesia. I usually called that Mini of Indonesia.

We understood about out cultures which is different each other but we know about that. Language, habits, mindset, and how the way to mingle each other are the things which we were learned.

You can imagine that we hang out with many people whom are from the variant places. We can talk to each other about something news, traditional, art, and the unique cultures. It is amazing, right?

Here, we will find the kind people, especially the natives. Sometimes, when I still there, I usually communicated each other with the natives in Javanese. It will be good because we can learn a lot how the way the natives communicate each other.

Do not worry if sometimes we are bored because in Pare, there are many travel agent which provide the package of holiday every Friday until Sunday. There are many choice places like Bromo, Kawah Ijen, Batu City, etc.

In Pare, I found how I can survive to keep my strong reason about, "why I came here." For few times, I met with few awesome tutors in Pare.

There is tutor who guided me to speak English step by step. She said that, "The foundation to speak English is confident."

Another tutor guided me how the way to write properly with the right grammatical. She taught me seriously, even though she scolded to me when she taught in the class. In fact, because of her, I can write the essay in English.

Even, there is tutor who taught me about cross culture understanding where she explained about the culture deeply especially American culture. I studied about the history, culture, and English literature.

Pare is village as generally village. However, at the moment, there are so many the places which have been became the lounge. No wonder, when the evening will come there are many people who spent the night with their friends in the cafes.

However, English village is not only about the place, but also as mostly people thought that Pare is the memories, especially many people who stuck in the relationship of period which the couples make a relationship each other during in Pare, after they back home, they are amnesia suddenly.

So, besides of Pare is the place which makes you improve English skills. Pare can be the cruel because we can not to adapt and do not know how the way to keep our ambition why we come to Pare.

Lastly, do not come if you are the man who does not like about separation. Because of Pare, you will find the new families who really care to you and make the memories each other. As mostly people mentioned that 'Pare Jahat' because Pare is the place makes you meet then separate.