Magandang gabi!”, someone greet and resounded as soft core music in my ears. As stared fixedly often with wide-open eyes, show oneself conspicuously.
Magandang gabi, senorita!”, I said as stupid way with Spanish word. Clumsy as same as that colorless those old building.

She stood up alone at Ermita Street, one of major road in Manila, Philippines. At glance, remembering a place formerly occupied by the wealthy in Manila. It being reminiscent of a place of the same name in the City of Manila.

She is not a queen of Malacanang Palace. The obscenities of this country are as same in your country Ponirah, Ngetemi, Juminten, Rokayah and you, Suminah! 

It is common poverty which is obscene, and the criminal irresponsibility of the leaders who make this poverty a deadening reality, suck…….

Merely stagnant, I tried to start conversation but it isn't really the way to an epic romance or firs date. I had to keep the dialogue flowing and, maybe, even add a little fun, funny.

“I was wondering if I could just talk to you for a while because you're the first person who's made this city feel like home, senorita,” My lingua tried.
“Ehmmm…I love it when you call me senorita” She grumbled in her artificial sexy red lips. Saluted by cheap lipstick.

“You know, I've thought that there's a good a bulk of romance in waiting for the fucking bus, don't you?” I continued.
 “This is Ermita Street, Boy!” She climbed in high intonation.
“I see…..,” I remarked. 

“So, I have been trying to think about something romantic to say to you, but I can't get my foolish foot out of my mouth, so I just go with that Tagalog greeting, Magandang gabi, I'm Kontoru from Indonesia,senorita” I said as cat and dog rain, roaming.

In my mind, all due to flashing, trajectoring and hanging all main scene of this district. So significant as a center of finance, education, culture, and commerce as same as my mind with her significant. 

It serves as the civic center of the city, bearing the seat of city government and a large portion of the area's employment, business, and entertainment activities. Like this simple entertainment, Spaniard girls who just standing mute and cute.

Ermita Street  deliveries  views full of private and government offices, museums, and universities. It is also home to famous tourist attractions and landmarks, notably the Rizal Park, the premier national park of the Philippines.

“Do you know, senorita? How people in books or movies always have awkward first meetings that turn into something special? Maybe this is one of those moments?”

“Ehmm….” She replied with same damned interjection.
“I thought I was having a really great day, then I saw you and got so much better, right, senorita?” I asked confirmation like a baby milking request.

The obscenities Ermita Street are the places of the rich, the new hotels made at the expense of the people, the hospitals where the poor die when they get sick because they don't have the money either for medicines or services.

My country? It is only in this light that the real definition of obscenity should be Indonesia or Philippines, the streets where many bars and prostitutes. 

It also offering conceived in a painful, traumatizing way: may be a rape, robbery, sexual harassment. Being a rape child, as a consequence, despiseduntil the very end reminded of that beast, blood in her veins, albeit treated her like a stranger.

“My Mom denied all my permission to enter all of something except it look a like convent, I don’t have preferred”
"Ohh........." I squezeed my hand.
"Samama ka sa akin!" She dragged me. 

As soon as I took my Merienda as a light meal particularly served in Philippines. My hand grasped it in my dirty daypack. 

My Merienda is so simple, as same as simplicity manner of the girls who still stood up. The meal that a lot of piece of fruit, paired with juice and wrapped tight. 

A while within my merienda, remembering the story of St. Rose of Lima, the patron of Peru, South America, and the Philippines. Her name was Isabel de Flores. She was born in Lima, Peru on April 20, 1586.

She received the name Rose when a housemaid, gazing upon her when she was still an infant, remarked: “She’s as lovely as a rose.” 

As she living a secluded life, die hard and did needlework and sold the flowers she cultivated. When she was twenty years of age, she joined the Third Order of St. Dominic and converted a little hut in the backyard into a hermitage. Go to pray!

”The heroine transformed from an intelligent child to a clever, cold, and manipulating woman, like me," she cried.
"Calm down, after all, beyond your expectations Virgin Mary known as the Nuestra Senora de Guia", I started to preach. 

Suddenly, I dragged to story during the Spanish evacuation of TernateIndonesia, the 200 families of mixed Mexican-Filipino-Spanish and Papuan-Indonesian-Portuguese descent.

They had ruled over the Christianized Sultanate of Ternate and included their Sultan who converted, were relocated to TernateCavite and Ermita, Manila. And this is Ermita Street. That’s way she was  Isabel The Flores! AndIcalled her Merienda rose, sweet as my light meals.

As Jeepney sometimes called simply jeeps throught passing in my front way They are known for their crowded seating and kitsch decorations as my Merienda Rose who become a wide spread in my vein and symbolized by my boner  cultured and making hardening art.

In the other hand, as young girl growing up, My Merienda Rose was given to austerities: fasting and mortification. Great!

"Mr. Kontoru!" She stopped.
"Merienda Rose, why?"
" Your preach address to an assembled, especially in my mind," she sneezed.