“Lucid !” A single disappearing on Lumen’s shouting as an evaporated debris of love longing. Lucid has already anchored at the city gate, a trans-national cosmos urban, sparkling city with high-end cultural pegs. 

She was happy with her faith in a high level of symbiosis, cultural and joking. Ready for testing about alienation. Faith versus the truth. The Kingdom of Nawowok was ready for her investigation. It was not the United Kingdom, it was a real kingdom which was ruled by the real King. 

Kingdom of Nawowok looks like medieval monarchs are recognized  as powerful rulers, with a tyrannical control of land, nobles, military and riches. They were truly strong figures, in control of their lands, throne and lives.

Originated as a series of separate and distinct, Kingdoms of Nawowok boasted many port cities, which provided the kingdom with a strong commercial empire. Although the Kingdom of Nawowok comprised a federation of distinctly separate provinces or regions, the people were free, full of freedom. The strength Nawowok nobility lay with its urban, commercial sectors. 

The castle was in a more favorable position for freedom. It is the Kingdom of freedom! The Castle of Nawowok never hurt the people.

Not as one of the most enclosed and isolated places. It was different from the kingdom’s castle in Europe throughout the medieval period. 

Due to its relative seclusion, the kingdom of Nawowok retained the cultural and social features and values of the medieval period. There are no medieval crusaders and Moor. 

As a message that she received from his lover, Lumen told that monarchs and nobility operated under rules of order accompanied by symbols and rituals. 

What kind of symbols? What kind of ritual? Yeah,The coronation of a monarch was one very important ritual. Those are symbols and rituals

.Her slender legs stepped in with a soft power grip style of soles. A tough gripping in the sleek paving of the city which shined on commercial altars. 

The sole wrapped in Gore-Tex material seems to be the last bullying for her sexy toes. Sneering at the superiority of the cotton and leather. 

Lucid, as her nickname is quite acceptable for the city jokes. On the other hand, there were also many millennial nicknames such as Jody, Arienne, Brigitta, and Preludia, the citizens of the Kingdom of Nawowok.

Her body movement in the city was quiet. A bit of wild and latent eyes of man desire captured her body. 

Bad behavior burns with longing and passion, from stories about ex partners haunting a city to a woman waiting for a date to show up while they watch her from across the street.

“Keep my sights!”, Lucid warned herself.

Her long dress painted a perfect streamlining. Many boys as heavy duty workers were drawn from a display area written “under construction" that looked like a wood was nailed to big metal pegs.  As their heavy-duty equipment nails hit deep into the earth.

The iron, concrete and polymer compositions stand arrogantly blocking the soft caresses of the evening dusk.

“Excuse me, I think I am lost. Can you help me find the Palace, please?”Lucid asked the man who sits under the shadow of the skyscraper. 

“What's the name of the palace?”
“Kingdom of Nawowok.”
“Hmm, I think I know where it is.”
“Is it far?”
“No, not really, go along this street until you get to the Bank. Do you see the tall building?"
“So, at the traffic lights there, turn left at Nawowok Avenue."

Lucid  walked quietly into the direction. She tried to control herself from the surge of desire. What kind to desire? Knowing the Palace of the Kingdom of Nawowok.

 A super-cool AC blast in the gate where the direction last. The burst of a very cold air conditioning blew slightly tore apart of its blue polka-dot veil.

Like a dance, skimming left and right, printing clearly the shape of its elliptical her nice head, signifying a qualified brain volume.

Window shopping began to greet, exhibiting a series of worldwide quality product ranging from adornments that smelled of glamour to greetings of business advertisements.

“Where is the palace?” Spelling out odd three times from Lucid mouth. She tried not to ask for someone. Levi’s, Gabrielle, Louis Vuitton, Nevada, Gucci, are all silent.

Is it the palace of Nawowok?

In the deep inside of her awareness, the sound appeared as a prose.


The dew drops 
Can not afford to 
Drops are low
Wrong fall angle
Dropping without a hitch
Debris split

Feels lonely
Cold and only cold
Appears to the line many white rays
The angels are in the city courtyard

Angel Muqarrabin invokes
Angel Kurubiyin prays
Angel Kiraman Katibin  adores

Angel Arsy calls on
Angel Hafidzah implores
Angel Aran entreats

Angel Jibal beseeches
All these angels are praying for her
Lucid, whether dead or not?.

"Lumen, where is the palace?" Lucid slowly ended.

Lucid waddled towards the front door gate while thinking about how tired she was.Thinking how to prune heart, how to multiply intensities and how to tell nothing but the truth in a way that allowed for telling more than the truth.

The sentences are simple sentences—a childlike syntax without subordination. What is the sentence? A few things she has found to be true. If she left the kingdom of Nawowok the story of freedom was not strengthened. 

And If she leaves or skips something because she  doesn't know the palace of Nawowok, the story will be worthless. 

In the crossroad, several men and women in suits gather around a large conference table in the strange executive meeting room. 

Their office sits in the avenue road, not in the highest floors of one of the tallest buildings in the city.There are no curtains drawn close. There are no lights dimmed.

 Lucid puts all her mental energy into making eye contact and not looking in a strange executive meeting room in front of her. Her focus shifts to a strange parliament with full of smiles. 

They fidget in their seats while having a thousand eye contact with anyone else in that strange executive room. Just one simple handwriting shown gently, FREEDOM KINGDOM.

In the distance faintly echoed by the rhythm of maqomat rast, proclaimed the call to prayer in the style of the Medina Minaret clink. Lucid cried.