al-'Ilmu Nuurun the science of islamic religion is the god lights. That's the admonition my teacher once taught me in boarding school. The light is soft, not to the hard heart. The light is bright not to the heart that is obstructed. However, every heart has the potential to get the god lights. Even if the  heart is very dark, there is definitely a divine light that can come in even a little. My teacher has also taught that religious science is obtained by six way on “Alala Verse”.

First, a student must have a little or lot intelligence. Intelligence serves to capture learning from teachers. The intelligent of the student is mentioned in the verse as Dzukain. In contrast to the intelligentnity of the Prophet which is commonly practiced with the word Fathonah. Fathonah is the highest level of intelligence while Dzukain is the type of intelligence possessed by people in general.

Second, a student must have a passion for Islamic science. Enthusiasm is a bigest aset for getting islamic science. The spirit of science seekers is a way of beating the sense of lazyness. Huge Problem  that has the potential to damage is lazy to learn because there is no spirit that lives in him.

Third, a student must have a sense of patience. The patience of a student in the poem is referred to by the word Isthibaarin instead of Shobrun which is common in Arabic. This is because the level of patience in finding knowledge is at a different level. A student's patience includes persistence and perseverance reflected in his attitude.

Fourth, a student must have the cost of seeking knowledge. But at no cost poor students are also able to get science. The principle lies in a strong determination and passion to getting islamic science.

Fifth, a student gets guidance from a teacher.  Studying religious science cannot be equated with studying science in general.  The relationship between students and teachers is a strong bond. Nowadays, it is so easy to get religious science from the internet. As a result, without the guidance of a teacher, the student will experience misunderstanding.

Sixth, takes a long time. Religious science cannot be studied in a moment. Takes a long process. Religious science is deeper than the ocean. If studied briefly, students will only get sea water ripples but have dared to speak in the name of gods.

The above six conditions for obtaining knowledge a lot of benefit. Somehow be came Scholars' or not. Because the essence of man lives to benefit in the name of goodness with each other. Becoming a scholar in the field of Islamic religious knowledge has many classifications.

They(scholars) are the heirs of  Prophets. Besides inheriting Islamic religious knowledge, Scholars also inherited the character of the prophet. Scholars must be honest (as-Shidiq). Scholars presenting messages of Islamic religious knowledge(at-Tabligh). Scholars must also can be trusted (al-Amanah). And scholars must be intelligent (Fathonah).

Teachers at pesantren used to also say that there are two Scholars' in this world.  Namely Ulama' Masyhur and Ulama' Mastur. Ulama' masyhur is Famous Scholars. Ulama' Mastur vice versa. 

There is a story, before God created the universe and its contents. God created Nur Muhammad (The Light of Muhammad's Spirit). Then, the souls were created. Initially, all were aimed only at God (100%). Then Allah created Nature and its contents. Half of the spirit of the being created chooses the world the other half remains with God (50%).

Then Allah created the sex, the remaining half chose his partner and the other half stayed with Allah (25%). And Allah created paradise and hell and all that is related to it. More than half are left in Heaven or Hell. And the rest (5%) still with God. the place of God's lovers. that's the place of the scholars'.

Unsurprisingly, the Ulama' population is getting fewer. In a hadith is predicted to come a time where the Scholars' are getting less both in quality and quantity. 

Tabligh becomes one of the traits of the Prophet inherited by scholars. The ability to convey religious messages makes scholars' so-called religious speakers. The current phenomenon of speakers is mushrooming everywhere. Speakers began to be packaged interestingly by utilizing the internet. There are various religious lectures on Islam that are contested with each other. Both from the Scholars them selves and those who claim to be scholars'. 

Now, to equip speakers with religious sciences the Ministry of Religious Sciences (Kemenag) released the Program to Strengthen Religious Competency. The background to this program is the number of speakers who are judged by the community to be less competent. 

Programs that have reaped the pros and cons of many parties. Even MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia) was cons against this program because it was considered that the government intervened in the matter of religious preaching. It is feared that the Scholar or speaker lost the power of his criticism.

The Program to Strengthen the Competency of Religious Speakers further proves a very long distance with the criteria of scholars' that the authors mentioned above.  Now, the Speaker of Religion needs to be provided with islamic religious materials by the government. 

Duly, the Counselor or Speaker was recruited from pesantren graduates who were clearly religiously capable. If, indeed, the real reason is the inability of the speaker in the material of islamic religious science.