The term religion is actually one of the aspects which define your identity. Religion may have different meanings for everyone. Theoretically, it means having faith to a God and surrender yourself to the God. I am an Indonesian. Indonesia itself is a largest nation is Southeast Asia and also the most populated Muslim in the world which make me a Muslim too.

In Islam there is the most common word mention by Muslim whenever they are, it is “Assalamualaikum”. It means “Peace be upon you”. That one word is supposed to describe what Islam is to the world. Islam is supposed to be the religion that is peaceful both to themselves and to anyone who do not share the same faith with them.

I always use that word anywhere to everyone I met. Religion itself to me means as foundation of my life. Foundation here means as guidance to everything I do in my daily life including how I study, how I interact with others, how to behave. I try to apply the way from my religion as it is about peace. 

From my religion I seek to achieve my future goal along with applying what my religion taught me in order to not only gain something from the world affair but also have peaceful way in achieving it by strengthen my spirituality.

My religion means to me as place to be home. By having religion I define what is right and what is wrong to do. However, as I recall people may have assume that my religion never believe in other religion. That is totally wrong, in my religion it is stated in our holy book that Muslim also need to believe in Christian and Jews. 

It is also stated we need to be in peace with everyone whatever their beliefs are. So all in all religion to me means to bring upon peace to myself and my surrounding and not causing conflict as well as the foundation of my life.

Recently believe it or not, not having religion is a trend in the world. However, perhaps Indonesia is one of the few exception. This trend happen around developed countries like America and Europe. And I as an Indonesian who have religion as basic principle is questioning this trend. What makes this happen?

According to my analysis is because some strayed people are doing things like violence, politics, discrimination, and etc. in the name of religion. There are a lot of examples such as the issue of Rohingya refugees, war between Palestine and Israel, even in Indonesia false accusation between the followers of the candidates of President.

Those aspects like violence, politics, discrimination, etc. should not be mixed with religion because the bad impacts resulting in people to believe that religion is actually the thing which cause those problems while in facts it is not the religion that cause it, it is the people who use the name religion who is to blame.

Logically, if religion indeed the cause of it, would it make all the people who have that religion behave the same way? The fact is not all of the people who have that religion behave like that and even have the opposite side with those people. 

It means the challenge of religion today is both the people who misunderstood the religion they have and the people who give opinions about them without research.

We do need religion. Everyone may say that religion is outdated, religion cannot make us reach Mars, etc. but the point is having religion in the first place is not as guidance for achieving those things. Religion is needed to keep our humanity in lane.

In reality nowadays, people are so drown in technology and science development that they think religion is just getting the way and do not think that keeping norm is important resulting in them to be less and less human by days such as, calling names to someone, careless with others, create conflict by provoking others, etc.

Religion is still needed because when people cannot surrendered to norm and regulation, Religion is the thing which can be their foundation. Whatever religion in the world, they always guide people to be kind and care to others. 

It is a sad fact that in the social media that the post about how some people are killed for the religion they have is responded so negatively, that instead of being caring and giving comfort for them as human being, they curse those victims for the suffering they got. 

That is why religion is still needed, because it is not for the mind, it is for the heart. Religion is indeed much underrated nowadays