Nelson Mandela once said to us that, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Absolutely, as Nelson Mandela was saying that education is the most important thing, even education is the root and the foundation for another sector such as economy, politic, research, health, and the other.

Nowadays, we should be grateful because we can learn a lot and study here comfortably. You can imagine that in the past, it was so difficult to get an education for native in Indonesia. 

We know about one of the national hero who has struggle and making advance to get the freedom in Indonesia country together with Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta especially he has already struggle to make education be better like now.

However, as a student, most people have already felt the same condition, especially about the education journey in Indonesia. There was the KTSP generation until the Kurtilas generation which was designed by a full day school system. 

Even though the government always upgrades the curriculum in Indonesia and wishes the education year by year will be better than before, in fact Education in Indonesia is still bad even under the rank of Malaysia based on data in few sources.

We can talk about the education culture, how to treat the students properly, the system, curriculum, and the problems of teachers.

Nowadays, I won’t make a deep discussion about education in Indonesia but I will make a discussion with all of you about education in another country to make all of us be open minded to see the education by the different insights.

First I will make the discussion about South Korea, especially about education in South Korea. Roughly, education in South Korea is not much different from Indonesia, for example, time to study in elementary school for six years, junior high school for 3 years, and senior high school for 3 years. 

Meanwhile to finish the bachelor degree you have to spend your time for four years and the master degree for two years.

However, in South Korea there is no exam to enter junior school until senior high school because South Korea has the authority to implement equal accessibility.

Sometimes we have to be grateful because in South Korea, time to study until 16 hours per day, as we guess, it will make so many students will be tired and few students commit suicide. You can imagine that the average time to study is from 8 AM until 7 PM, after this the student has to continue studying in the course.

There are so many students who continue studying in the course after they finish studying in the school because South Korea has a high competition with each other about education, you can say that education is the prestigious thing in South Korea. 

So that is why, so many parents registered their children to join the course after finishing in the school and wishing their children can have a good score in the school. 

Hence, it has already become a habit here to register the children to join Hagwon caused by the mindset of every parent there prior to the education and besides this is about the competition to each other to be the best student in the school.

There are five subjects which are taught in the South Korea school, for instance Math, Science, Korean, Social, and the last in English.

Different in Indonesia, the teachers are so respected by everyone there especially by the government, we can measure by the salary of the teacher in South Korea, certainly different about salary in Indonesia. 

In fact, the salary of teachers in South Korea is the highest salary in Asia even though they can get more than one billion per year. 

However, to become a teacher in junior and senior high must graduate with a master or doctor degree, meanwhile in elementary school, the teachers have to graduate from bachelor degree.

The students enter school on Monday until Saturday. They don’t have a long holiday. T

hey have so many pressures when they study, but they just think about how to get the achievements in the class when they have to compete with each other with their friends.

Not only about the time, but also South Korea has a sophisticated and complete facility for the education in the school. South Korea has the 5G Internet to make it easy for the students to access anything they need to study. 

Besides that, the education system in South Korea is very aware of every passion which is owned by students, so that’s why the teachers in the school must guide the students to their passion.

According to research by World Almanac in 2014, South Korea is one of the best countries for education because the literacy rate in South Korea is 98%.

In South Korea, the compulsory school until junior high school is totally free. Meanwhile there is no obligation for the students to continue the study in senior high school that is dependent on the students and their parents, certainly that is not free again.

In fact, the reformation about education in South Korea started in 1970 and relies on the technology system.

The goals of the curriculum in South Korea are creativity, independence, socializing in the school, and expertise in technology. There is a local curriculum in every school to know about the talent and interest for students.

To enter the university, it not only shows the economy of every family but also the reputation of every parent. 

If the students graduated from the university and after that they will register to a few companies to get the job, the company will not see the experience, personality, or inside person, they just care about where your university is from.

Different from western countries, in South Korea, in the one class, there are so many students because the teachers have to design the class and the students to make the social environment there.

Lastly, according to MBC Times, there are about 20 Best Education Systems in the world, and South Korea occupies the first place.