The Hegira State

Son, I would like to tell you
About hegira-state
Hegira as wartime diplomacy
A peace city state called Yathrib
Alas! The hegira-state

Did you know, Son?
About Madinat-al Nabi
Where great nabi ruled wisely
Yathrib renamed Madina
Ye, Madinat al-Nabi

Son, I would like to notify you
Ye, about hegira-state
Where Jewish slept peace
Peace.... peace...

Ye, a city-state
Ye, a holy-state
Home of Qiblatain
Ye, Quba and Nabawi Mosque

Son, I would like to discem you
Ye, About hegira-state
and three Jewish tribes

Ye! Jewish tribes!
Tribes Inhabited peace
Ye! Qainuqa,
Ye! Nadhir
Ye! Quraizhah

Son, I would like to tell you
Ye, about hegira-state
When he completed his hegira
Far away from Mecca to Madina

Eureka! Burning in desert
Escaping for persecution 

Son, I would like to tell you
About he sets that building
And those followers of his religion

Son, I would like to comprehend you
About his orphanity
When put under his grandfather
Head of prestigious Hashim clan

Son, I would tell you about the leaving
Gosh! It is so hard, pity thing
When put under the care of his uncle
The new head of the clan

Angel Gabriel

Son, I would like to tell you
About Angel Gabriel
Drat! When Gabriel said to him
About the messenger of God

Son, I would like to whisper you
He spent his nights in a cave
Far away in Mount Hira north of Mecca

Son, I would like to recite you
When he had a vision in the cave
He heard the voice
Boo! majestic being

Son, I would like to tell you
It began a new things
The lifetime of religious revelations

Son. I would like to relate you
About older religions theologies
introducing the same things 

The Millah Ibrahim
Son, I would like to tell you
He spoke out against rich merchants

Son, I would like to utter you
He criticized as immoral in their greed
Son, I would like to fill in you

When he denounced worship of idols
About multiple gods
With patience

Son, I would like to tell you
In the summer 12 men came to Mecca
They are from Madina

Did you know, Son?
About the Beaudoin community
200 miles to the north

Making a pilgrimage to Mecca
Did you know, Son?
They had actually come to meet with him
Professing  themselves as Muslims. 

Son, I would like to spin you
About In 622, a larger group of people
Converting from Madina came to Mecca

You know, Son?
They took an oath to him
They defended him as their own kin

Son, I would like to brief you
He encouraged his Meccan followers
Making their way to Madina 

You know, son?
When the city authorities learned
About Muslims had begun an exodus
They plotted prophet killing

Son, I would like to perceive you
About heavy and dark under siege
Lethal threat and black raid

You know, Son?
He tried to slip away
Unnoticed with a chief disciple
And made his way to Madina
Using unfrequented and blur paths

Son, I would like to apprise you
When he completed Hegira
Celebration at Madina
With poor people

Son, I would like to ascertain you
When he built a city-state
Making a count about the pressure
He led raids the aggressor
The trading caravans from Mecca 

Panjshir The Great

Dad, I would like to ask you
How away from vestiges of war and terror
I stares of watchful eyes

Dad, I would like to query you
How exchange for a peace treaty
How keep a rich cultural history
The great of Panjshir

Dad, I would to solicit you
Our rugged landscape
Our legendary generosity
The people of Afghan

As same as the hegira-state
The city-state of Madina

As I poked my way
These dusty streets.
Hot as herbs and spices.

Dad, I would like to implore you
About distinctive blue pottery
The stunning Panjshir Valley 

When celebrated a victory, Dad
The prelude of Afghanistan

Dad, you told the heart of things
Encircling Hindu Kush mountains 

Dad, is it Valley of the Five Lions?
The legend of five spiritual guardian
About a dam here
Regarding  Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni.

Dad, did you hear me?
Your son, the swimmer Panjshir river
Which the stream starts
From narrow gorge 

Where snowmelt turning down
As a torrent, rich white water 

Did you know, Dad?
The pressure widens into the valley
As they revealed fields of wheat

Al-Qaeda dotted with
a poisonous walnut
Aggressor as apricot
And rotten mulberry groves
Full of tricks

All war has destroyed all< Dad!
Both canals and orchards
But Panjshir still holding things
Much precious stones
Rubies and emeralds 

Defending, struggling
From millions of dollars and argue
Those blue stone
Like your eyes, Dad.
Help me, Dad.....
Another wars, Dad.