Competition comes across daily life, in the office or even in school. Concurrence finds itself in daily life, in the office or in school. This makes people competitive due to the world in which they work to reach their limits. As far as school is concerned, some people claim competition will improve academic and social skills for students. 

This inspires students to work harder and to excel. The motivation of students will increase according to Fredrik Kristensen with the concept of structured training competition (1). It motivates students to get inspired and to affect their learning results and they are extremely competitive. In addition to the fact that competition is more positive than negative, I believe it is harmful and discourages success of students, which also affects student grades.

Competition in many schools will directly have a negative impact on students. This is because competition brings stress and anxiety. Based on Andrea Heinrich, it causes a number of different problems in students ' lives, such as depression , stress, self-harm, anxiety, and others (8). 

This indicated that the competition would make students stressful and anxious about competing in school. It comes from both external and internal sources, some of which include friends, parents , teachers, and themselves. They will feel under pressure because of their responsibility, and not all of them will feel well. 

This can quickly frustrate students because they may feel useless and not able to compete with other students. Therefore, if students are forced to work with pressure, they are not motivated by the competition. 

Further, as they clash with one another at school, the rivalry often drives students to neglect certain interests. For example , a student who wants to participate in a mathematical competition is only focused on the subject of mathematics and tends to avoid other topics to achieve or have a good result.

In fact, the competition often reduces the social contribution of students. The lack of rivalry establishes boundaries between students or even school classes. Several students became more excited regarding the contest. Instead of chatting or catching up with their schoolmates or colleagues, the students want great success and positive grades. 

This condition will also affect the actions of the students and can therefore break the students' relationship. Furthermore, it would boost students' selfishness as they have huge expectations and do not want to support others, so they will neglect others so invest all their effort at fulfilling their aspirations and reaching the highest scores or winning the award. 

The competition would then turn students into opportunists who look only to their advantage at the openings and find all the circumstances that bring them first. This means that although other pupils unintentionally reap the benefit of the rivalry, certain pupils think about the pressure of competition.

The competitive burden would allow students to seek and win the award, including academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty is generated in a competitive setting by students who use it as alternatives (Matthew, 23). 

Students rely mostly on winning and seem to lack confidence in hard analysis, and they lie while they're fortunate. The students then face the task of fulfilling their goals and consider forms harder, such as plagiarism and theft. Furthermore, Matthew claimed that plagiarism reflected the thoughts of many individuals in scientific activity deliberately or actively (18). 

Such intellectual dishonesty can drive students instantaneously and disregard the importance of learning. Furthermore, deception may also be used should students were overwhelmed by rivalry. Such behaviour is meant to support students step on or to imply that students excel dishonestly: an ineffectual practice for students with regards to school learning.

It would raise drawbacks and impact the success of the student by allowing him to contend with another student in school, motivating them to function under strain, raising doubts, raising boundaries and rendering them deceptive pupils. 

While many people assume that rivalry is an ideal means of improving the mentality of students and of learning towards reaching goals, competitiveness is undoubtedly a big challenge. 

Everybody understands how difficult it is because students have a lot to do and fight with themselves. This way , students can finally learn and study without pressure without using the competition system in Schools. As the famous saying states, "A flowers don't know that they will clash with their flower next to it.