Nowadays, even though we still feel about the condition of coronavirus, especially we have known in Indonesia has already many cases about that.

However, we will not share about the topic of coronavirus because it has already become mainstream nowadays.

We have known that up to now, there are many diseases in the world. Everyone has heard about this topic. The topic which I wanna share with you about Autism. Have you ever heard about that, alright?

One of the parts of my big family is a sufferer of the autism disease, so that’s why I wanna share about autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

Autism is a brain development disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate and disrupting socialization to other people also causes behavioral disorders and limits the sufferer’s interest. 

ASD also includes Asperger’s syndrome, Heller syndrome, and pervasive developmental disorders (PDD-NOS).

Based on WHO, autism occurs in 1 in 160 children worldwide.

Characteristics of suffering ASD can be detected as a baby, for example they cannot make eye contact with another person, especially when someone calls their name. However, commonly it can be seen about the ASD disease when the baby is 2-4 years old.

The main of ASD characteristics:

1. Difficulty communicating

Difficulty speaking, writing, reading, and hardly understanding sign language: pointing and waving hand, so that’s why, the sufferer of ASD hardly understands other people in communicating.

2. Distraction in social relationships

It seems like they have the word for themselves. Generally, they only focus about something and everyone doesn’t disturb their activities, and so that’s why they will forbid you to borrow your toy, difficulty to have another friend

3. Behavior distraction

Angry, crying, or laughing without reason, they like only a little food. They do the act over and over like tapping or squeezing hands, and feeling annoyed when the routine is interrupted. They do the dangerous act to themselves, for instance bite their own hand and hit themselves. Lastly, they usually have difficulty sleeping.

Factors that cause autism:

• Gender. Boys have up to 4 times higher risk of having autism than girls.

• Heredity. Parents who have autism are at risk of having children with the same disorder.

• Transmission during the womb. For example, side effects of alcoholic drinks or drugs (especially epilepsy drugs for pregnant women) during the womb.

• The influence of other disorders, such as Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, neurofibromatosis, Tourette’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and Rett’s syndrome.

• Preterm birth, especially babies born at 26 weeks gestation or less. The risks of ASD disease can increase by the genetic and environmental factors, such as exposure to toxins, cigarette smoke, infections, side effects of drugs, and an unhealthy lifestyle during pregnancy.

The autism sufferer also has advantages over other people. They have the amazing talent which another people don’t have it, there are to be able to playing music and has the talent in the sport even though they have the limit in their body

The sufferers of autism usually study at SLB in Indonesia.

Everyone looks like the sufferer family seems different and so weird. Certainly, the family will feel embarrassed upon the act of their child who is suffering ASD disease. 

As the family, they rarely invited the sufferer to crowded places. They often get bullied by other people who don’t like them because the different ones own themselves.

They do something out of the ordinary, hyperactive and the others. The Struggle of the family to face all problems when they have a child who has the disease of autism. 

However, don’t look to them that they are different and don’t stay away from them, especially as we think as if they weren’t human. But they are special. Many people don’t understand and are less aware about autism. My friend said that when we have to face the sufferer depends on our response and our feelings towards them.

The movie which tells stories about autism such as dancing in the rain, malaikat juga tahu, malaikat kecil, my idiot brother.

Few people who is a sufferer autism disease, but they can be amazing people:

1. Satoshi Tajiri He is founder of pokemon and famously as top designer of video game in the world

2. Oscar Yura Dompas He is Indonesian, and he got the MURI record Because he gets the bachelor degree and wrote the book, and the title is Autistic Journey and The Life of the Autistic Kid Who Never Gives Up.

3. Jacob Barnett When he was 14 years old, he struggled to reach the P.hd degree in Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada.

4. Albert Einstein Founder of relativity theory and he is the founder of nuclear bomb upon the incident of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in World War 2.

Up to now, the cause of ASD disease has not been known yet And there is no way to cure the disease. ASD can't be cured, however it can be treated. The way to treat ASD disease is therapy. In Indonesia, 2 April is Autism day.

Lastly, do you know about the quote that said that they laugh at me because I’m different, actually I laugh at them because they are all the same.